Revenue Sources

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There are countless ways for nonprofits to generate revenue. The fifteen specific types discussed throughout this training include: annual or sustained gifts, major gifts, planned gifts, foundation grants, cause-related marketing, corporate giving programs, earned income activities, unrelated business income, in-kind donations, supporting organizations, benefit events, state and local municipalities, churches and denominations, federated funds, and online donations. Each revenue source comes at a different "price." Though each will hopefully help you to increase your bottom line, some revenue sources are more difficult to implement than others and can require a more significant investment of money, time, and labor.

Develop a basic understanding of revenue sources.

Prior to developing a plan to increase your organization's revenue, you'll need to develop an understanding of each of the fifteen different types of revenue sources and how they work in real-world scenarios.

Download part one of the Revenue Source Primer and review the different revenue sources. Keep the primer close to refer back to throughout the training.

Start fundraising online.

Using Web 2.0 tools can be a powerful way to raise funds; they empower supporters to help you raise money, allow staff to make use of their personal networks, and allow for easy reporting and information-gathering on your donors.

Organizations must be sensitive to managing change when choosing and adopting a Web 2.0 tool to enhance fundraising. Consider:

  • How will you communicate your decision to your stakeholders? Should you have an in-person meeting, or is e-mail communication sufficient?
  • How will you train staff or volunteers to use the web fundraising tool? How much time will you need to invest and who is the best person to lead a training effort?
  • What will your plan be for ongoing maintenance of the tool? How much time will be required and what regular content updates will need to be made to keep supporters coming back?

Consider your options for fundraising online.

Download the Web 2.0 Report Card

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