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Welcome to the identifying and developing donors e-learning lesson. At the end of this lesson, you’ll be able to: Identify donor prospects by mapping your organization’s network, Explain effective strategies for developing donors, and apply techniques to effectively ask for donations. The process of identifying and developing donors is built on two important principles of fundraising: ask for the money and thank people for giving it. This lesson will explore these concepts, and will also provide useful tools you can use in identifying and developing donors.

Identifying and developing donors.

Effective donor identification and development is the lifeblood of any charitable organization. Donors who are willing and able to support your cause may be closer in reach than you expect.

Start with your network.

Begin your search with those in your organization's network. The information, tools, and resources included in this lesson will help you to map your group's network, offer strategies for effectively developing donors, and illustrate useful techniques for asking for support.