User Guide

In each chapter of this lesson you will be presented with three tiers of information. The following will help you navigate this self-guided experience.

Main Media Player

The media player on the screen is an audio and video based overview of the chapter. Press Play to hear the overview and pause at any time by pressing the Pause button on the bottom left of the player. The buttons at the bottom right of the player allow you to control the volume and shift the video to full screen.

On-Screen Text

Below the player you will find on-screen text. This includes the detailed information you will need to know in order to meet learning objectives for the lesson.


Next to the on-screen text, there may be icons. Each icon will bring you to a different kind of interactivity:

More Info: Click on this icon to receive additional information.

Tip: Click on this icon to receive a helpful tip.

Don’t Forget: Click on this icon for a helpful reminder.

Self-Check: Click on this icon to test your knowledge with a short multiple-choice quiz.

Explore: Click on this icon to test your knowledge with an interactive video quiz.