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By completing the steps of the sustainability planning process, you significantly increase your organization’s chances for growth and survival. Even in the midst of uncertainty, you can achieve organizational stability. Thank you for taking the time to learn about creating a sustainability plan for your organization.

Position your organization for sustainability by implementing the steps of the planning process.

  1. Get started by answering questions that position your organization for sustainability.
    Sustainability Planning Questions

  2. Build your case for support by determining who is most likely to support you and how you can tailor your message to that audience.
    Targeting Your Audience Template
    Selling Your Organization Template
    Sharing Your Vision Template
    Organizational Costs Template
    Tips for Presenting

  3. Develop strategies for establishing and maintaining partnerships to achieve one common goal of creating partnerships that both support your organization’s mission and make you more attractive to potential donors.
    Who to Partner With Template
    Maintaining Your Partnerships Template

  4. Develop strategies for resource development to expand potential revenue sources.