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Welcome to the e-learning lesson on Creating Your Sustainability Plan. Sustainability planning includes the actions an organization takes to maximize its chances to survive, and perhaps even to thrive, despite the uncertainty of what the future may bring. Sustainability planning is a concrete process that an organization takes on over the course of several months; it is also an ongoing process that should become part of an organization’s very fabric. This training will provide you with the resources you need to assist you in launching a plan to achieve organizational stability.

This training includes several steps that an organization can implement when engaging in a sustainability planning process.

The first, Getting Started, includes questions that organizational leadership should answer in order to position the organization for sustainability.

The second, Build your Case for Support, will walk your organization through a process to determine who is most likely to support you and how you can tailor your message to that audience.

The third and fourth, Develop Strategies for Establishing Partnerships and Develop Strategies for Maintaining Partnerships, will assist you in achieving one common goal for forming a sustainable project: creating partnerships that both support your organization’s mission and make you more attractive to potential donors.

The fifth, Develop Strategies for Resource Development, provides a thorough list of resource development options for you to consider.