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By now you should be able to identify the key components of a subaward plan. From implementing outreach strategies to troubleshooting common problems encountered when working with your subaward program, you are now better equipped to successfully design and manage a subaward program. Thank you for taking the time to learn about designing and managing a subaward program.

You are now equipped to lead an intermediary organization.

Over the course of this lesson you have been introduced to a tremendous amount of information that will equip you to lead an intermediary organization. From creating a subaward plan to contracting with subawardees you have now been exposed to the technical information as well as strategies to tackle the nuances of managing a subaward program. Developing a request for proposals process, providing technical service as part of your outreach strategy, designing a review process for selecting subawardees, and monitoring subawardees following the distribution of funds are just a few topics this lesson has covered. Refer back to this lesson as necessary and utilize the helpful jobaids you have downloaded to help you successfully manage your program.

Good Luck!

Good luck with your subaward program. You are about to provide tremendous resources to your community. It will almost certainly be an exciting and rewarding learning experience for you and your organization.