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As a TA provider you increase the likelihood of delivering high quality technical assistance by adopting a systematic approach and preparing a beneficiary organization for change. Establishing a systematic approach ensures that all beneficiary organizations get equal treatment and increases the likelihood of high quality of TA provision. Preparing an organization for change by assessing their readiness to change and managing them through the growing pains can help avoid any challenges during your TA engagement. Incorporating these processes into your technical assistance can help you produce clear measurable outcomes for your beneficiary organizations. Thank you for learning more about Delivering Technical Assistance.

Technical assistance is the process of providing targeted support to a beneficiary organization with a development need or problem.

As a TA provider you increase the likelihood that all of your beneficiaries receive equal treatment and high quality TA by establishing a systematic approach to your technical assistance engagements. This systematic process involves four phases: the request phase, analysis, implementation, and evaluation. Although the process is not always linear, it allows you as the provider to define the development needs and appropriately execute your services.

Not all beneficiaries will be responsive to your services. Change can be an unusual situation and may be met with resistance. Therefore how well a TA provider can assess and manage a beneficiary organization’s willingness to change contributes to the success of a technical assistance engagement.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about delivering technical assistance.

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